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FIGHT Esports and TikTok Partnership: #GGPHCreatorCup1

Sticky Posted by fight February 27, 2021 in eventnews

Chantal-Denise Ortega, FIGHT Esports Project Manager added: “TikTok is fast becoming a place where people create, share, and enjoy a new type of experience.
“This will create a unique and innovative esports experience where they can follow and engage with their favourite gaming content creators, tune in to esports tournament livestreams, as well as celebrate esports in ways that have never been done before.”

Esports Insider says: With TikTok still being one of the world’s most popular apps at the moment, getting involved in Southeast Asian esports showcases how much the sector has grown in the region. It’ll be interesting to see what the reception will be to TikTok GGPH and whether this is the start of similar partnerships in Southeast Asia.