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Gunadarma’s Tinfor Wins FIGHT Campus Legend, Tops 293 Campuses in Indonesia

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Date: July 25, 2023

JAKARTA : Gunadarma Tinfor, the esports team from Gunadarma University, wins this year’s FIGHT Campus Legend with an absolute victory with 0 defeats. The winners were announced on Oct 22, 2021 as the tournament concluded.

Gunadarma Flame from the same university rose as the first runner-up while Binus University’s ASH finished as second runner-up.

“Finally, the first season of FCL ended well. As the organizer, we are proud of the enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by all participants and spectators in making this event a success. We are grateful that FIGHT Esports could become a platform for the new talents in the Indonesian esports industry,” said Vita Paulina, Operations and Marketing Management at Forest Interactive Indonesia.

Previously in the semi-finals or playoffs, four teams were competing; UGM’s Romusha vs Gunadarma’s Tinfor and Gunadarma’s Flame vs Binus’ ASH. Each battle in the semi-finals carried out the BO3 (Best of Three) system for the teams to advance to the grand final. After the semi-finals, the results for the grand final came out, the Gunadarma’s derby, Tinfor vs Flame. Meanwhile, Binus’ ASH vs UGM’ Romusha for the bronze match was won by Binus’ ASH. For the final, Gunadarma’s Tinfor won 3-0 for the Best of 5 system.

Gunadarma’s Flame’s victory was unexpected as the team previously got the lowest points among the other teams that passed the group stage. However, it turned out that Gunadarma’s Flame was able to win by a neck against Binus’ ASH with a score of 2-0 in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, UGM’s Romusha had to accept the defeat to Binus’ ASH without a fight in the bronze match which has made Binus’ ASH the second runner-up.

“The match between the teams in the FCL is nerve-wracking. The biggest challenge was probably our location and conditions. We trained and played online from home, to minimize the spread of Covid-19 and maintain the health of our players. We have also experienced difficulties with internet connections where, sometimes, some of us have lost the signal while practicing or competing,” said Voker from the Gunadarma’s Tinfor team.

As the champion of FCL’s first season, Gunadarma’s Tinfor also shared how they practiced for the tournament. They practiced well and got enough rest to maintain their performance while competing. For practice sessions, they also regularly trained by playing against teams from ESI and PON.

Apart from the match, the FIGHT Campus Legend’s final round was exciting as it was brought directly by Mobile Legend’s professional casters; Abed and Dennisa Chainsmo. The audience who watched the livestream through TikTok was carried away by the atmosphere of the fight and the euphoria of the team’s victory.

“We are delighted to be able to support the successful implementation of ‘TikTok | FIGHT Campus Legend’ 2021. The competition, which was broadcast live on TikTok, has also helped grow the gaming community and esports enthusiasts on the platform; one of which is through players and fans’ interaction during this competition period. We hope that TikTok can become a platform that helps esports community to reach a wider audience, discover new talents, and stay entertained,” said Angga Anugrah Putra, Head of Operations, TikTok Indonesia.


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