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FIGHT Esports, TikTok, and Smartfren Share Tips on How to be a Content Creator in Indonesia

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Date: October 19, 2022
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JAKARTA: FIGHT Esports, TikTok, Smartfren, and Binus Career Center organizes a webinar on content creation. Titled ‘TikTok & Esports Career Talk’, the session was joined by Ilham Batara Simatupang, TikTok Indonesia’s Gaming Category Manager and Fransisca Octavianti, Community Development Manager of PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk, on August 24, 2022. 

TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, creates opportunities for content creators to express their creativity. 

Fransisca Octavianti, fondly known as Sisca, is also a content creator on TikTok with more than 100k followers. In the first session, she shared her ultimate tricks to creating viral-worthy content: 

  1. Use fitting audio. While creating content on TikTok, it is important to use a fitting audio for your video in order for the video to be interesting to watch. The audio that you use can also boost the algorithm for your content, so it is recommended to use a popular audio at the time. 
  1. Use a story line. It is important to ensure that your content has a story or information to tell to your audience. Having an organized storyline or timeline in your content can help attain your viewer’s watch time. 
  1. Vary your type of content. Content variety is an effective way to keep your audience loyal. According to Sisca, if you are always uploading the same type of content, it can be boring for the audience. Vary your content into several types of contents such as giveaways, tips, and updates. In addition, content that has variety has potential to reach various types of audiences. 
  1. Use appropriate hashtags and upload your content at prime time. Each account has its own unique prime time, hence it is suggested to do research on which appropriate time is guaranteed to garner more views and engagements. 

Sisca stated that she has enjoyed many benefits since becoming a content creator. Other than gaining more income and fame, Sisca admitted that so many opportunities have come her way because of her social media portfolio. Portfolio and branding that she builds through her social media account has given her the opportunity to meet with the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo. 

The second speaker, Ilham Batara Simatupang, shared his insider knowledge on esports content on TikTok. Ilham explains that esports content has a massive audience on TikTok. The numbers speak for themselves, especially with gaming hashtags such as #samasamamain which has gained more than 14 billion views. TikTok also tries to push the esports content in effort to create a new home for gaming and esports. 

According to Ilham, it is easy to create viral content on TikTok. He also stated that there are four types of esports content that is booming such as gaming tutorials, news and updates from tournaments, epic and funny gaming moments, and also gaming information. These types of content are in high demand right now and can boost your social media account. 

Esports content has tons of potential for content creators to explore more. Ilham urges the students to be more creative and explore more content creation possibilities. He also reminds the students of the importance of making original content to avoid copyright issues.  Plagiarism may result in banning on TikTok. 

The Webinar ended with an interactive question and answer session by the students. FIGHT Esports is looking forward to more partnerships to support the esports ecosystem. More information available on