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FIGHT Esports launches the FIGHT Campus League in Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia

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Date: April 28, 2021
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Southeast Asian Organization FIGHT Esports has launched a series of regional campus tournaments for students in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

According to the publication, FIGHT the Campus League tries to strengthen the game communities between colleges and universities in the regions. The event’s regional leagues are expected to feature a number of esports titles.

FIGHT Esports launches its Malaysian regional league with PUBG Mobile with a prize pool of RM 16,000 (~ £ 2,811). Qualification begins on May 5th and the finals begin on June 15th.

As a result of the announcement, the esports organization has also expanded its partnership Tick ​​tock. After FIGHT had previously signed a contract with the Southeast Asian branch of the platform, FIGHT has now announced an agreement TikTok Malaysia To become a partner of the FIGHT Campus League Malaysia.

Ariff Abu, Team Leader at FIGHT Esports Malaysia, On this: “After the organization, we dealt with regional tournaments with several titles for a while Community level tournaments in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines for the last year and received feedback from students asking about a specific tournament of theirs have.

“The FIGHT Campus League will give students the opportunity to participate in selected top titles and demonstrate many different ones Skill levels in different population groups. “

The FIGHT Campus League Malaysia will be broadcast live on the TikTok and Facebook channels of FIGHT Esports as well as on the Astro eGG network.

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The esports organization has also announced that the FIGHT Campus League Philippines opening event will be a Call of Duty: Mobile tournament. The competition opens on May 7th with a prize pool of RM 16,172 (~ £ 2,840).

Meanwhile, FIGHT Campus League Indonesia will kick off its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event in June for RM 14,158 (~ £ 2,487).

Cheah Sheau Mei, User and Content Operations Manager at TikTok Malaysia, added: TikTok’s short format and unique content make it the perfect platform for gamers to share their unique stories, connect with other gamers, and celebrate modern gaming culture – all with fun.

“As the gaming community continues to grow on TikTok, we look forward to working closely with like-minded organizations like FIGHT Esports to nurture the passions and originality of more gamers on our platform.”

Esports Insider says: It’s always great to see how esports develop within colleges and universities. The titles that have been announced for the regional leagues should generate a lot of interest, and FIGHT’s partnership with TikTok is likely to improve engagement opportunities. It will be interesting to see how many students participate in the leagues and what other tournaments the FIGHT Campus League has planned.